8 smart ways to save money on your wedding day

On the way to saying “I do” there’s a seemingly endless list of planning, booking and bills to overcome.

With such a daunting list ahead it can be easy to ignore the elephant in the room – the budget.

Fear not! By following these easy to manage cost-saving measures you can seriously cut your costs without impacting on your special day.

Book Off-Season

Booking your hotel in winter or autumn can save a decent chunk of your budget with many hotels in the South East region offering great value package rates.


Creating your own decorations, snacks and punch can save an absolute fortune on your overall costs, but remember to be realistic about your creative talents and free time – that wedding day date will creep up faster than you think!

Go Digital

Sending digital invites is both a prudent cost-effective measure that’s kinder to the environment.

Opt for a Relaxed Dinner

Let’s face it, your wedding guests probably won’t be up to eating a five-course meal, so why not boil your grub down to a more laid back 2-course affair?

Something Borrowed

Who says that everything at your wedding should be brand new? Take that old ‘something borrowed’ adage to the max by reusing jewellery and decorations from friends and family.

Repurpose Your Flowers

Repurposing flowers used at the ceremony for your reception is a cost-effective no brainer. Get a pal to pick them up and drop them to the hotel.

Get Your Friends Involved

Have a friend with some creative flair? Kindly ask if they’d like to get involved with the decorative end of things.

Sell After The Wedding

Okay, this might not be an option for our more sentimental followers, but get on DoneDeal.ie or Ebay after your wedding and claw back some of that hard-earned cash by selling some of your wedding wares.

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