Six things you should know before getting legally married in Ireland

Anyone who has tied the knot will tell you the same story…

From flowers to suits and everything in between, it’s so easy to get wrapped up the magic of it all that it’s inevitable you’ll forget about some of the finer details.

To help you out we’ve compiled a list of legal requirements you’ll need to fulfil before your big day!

  1.  You must be an adult:

Irish law states that anyone who wishes to get married must be over 18 years of age. This rule even applies to Irish citizens hoping to get married outside Ireland.

2. You must give plenty of notice:

There is a reason las Vegas-style weddings don’t occur in Ireland. Anyone who intends on getting married must notify the Registrar three months in advance regardless of whether you want to tie the knot in a religious or secular environment.

3. Complete the MRF:

Completion of the MRF or Marriage Registration Form is an absolute must if you wish to get married. It’s essentially a licence for a couple to tie the knot.

4. Collect Your Documents:

Before getting married you and your partner will need to get some important documents in order. You’ll need copies of your PPS number and birth cert, and if you’ve been divorced or widowed you’ll need additional proof of such.

5. Select a venue:

Be it a secular or religious venue, the location of your wedding will need to meet HSE requirements. Your registrar will be able to confirm if your chosen venue complies.

6. Pay your fee 

Getting married ain’t cheap! One of the first of many bills you’ll need to pay will be a standard €200 marriage fee. However, if you wish to tie the knot in a registrary office that fee may well be higher.

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